Sandhill Building Solutions ltd

Property Renovation and Building Service in London.
Competitive prices
Prompt and professional service
All type of building work undertaken
All electrical work
Plumbing and heating installations
Free estimates

Service We Offer

  • Property Renovations and refurbishments
  • Rear Extensions,
  • Loft conversions
  • New electrical wiring
  • Plumbing and new heating system installations
  • Kitchen fitting and new bathrooms
  • Painting and decorating
  • Joinery, bespoke furniture, wood floor fitting

Each of our projects start with an initial consultation; cost-free and complimentary, we know that these meetings are essential for gauging our clients’ ambitions for their projects before drawing up plans or assigning costs.

During our consultations, our architect meet with you to discuss potential proposals and ensure that we come away with a clear preliminary understanding of what you want to achieve; with this then in place, we work with you to begin planning your project.

Following an initial, cost-free consultation, our professionals provide you with a fixed price quote for carrying out planning stage works – and then get to work to help develop your project. Offering our expertise on the best approaches and practices, we provide a range of services; from conducting a measured survey, BREAM, to submitting for planning permission, we’ll handle it all – and ensure that we’re complying with building regulations and eco house standards every step of the way.

At the end of the Planning Stage, we’ll also provide you with a ball-park estimate figure for the total building cost; although open to negotiation or change, we’ll always aim to give an approximate evaluation at this point.

With the conceptual design layout established and planning permission applied for, our professionals will now work with you to discuss and define the details of your project.

Taking care of everything from construction details to plumbing layouts, from electrical fittings to full descriptions of finishing, we’ll also investigate and complete every necessary engineering design and calculation – requirements for foundations, use of materials and party walls. By the end of this stage, we’ll have specified all the finer details of your project – and we’ll ensure that all the plans and particulars are in place to begin the construction.

With final design details and a fixed price contract established, construction works on-site now begin and you’ll see your project start to take shape. With our experienced building professionals always working to the highest health and safety standards, you can rest assured that all construction will be completed efficiently, promptly and with all building sites left clean and tidy every step of the way.